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Meet PTAC SC client Nike Hemingway - Nike H Speaks LLC

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Nicholette Hemingway, owner of Nike H Speaks LLC Career Counseling Services and author of You’re Hired – 5 secrets to nail that job, has more than 25 years of career counseling experience.

“People would come to me asking, ‘Can you help me write a resume? Can you help me prepare for an interview?’ So, my business came about from that. I saw a real need.”

Hemingway offers career counseling services such as interview coaching, resume writing and cover letter writing. In her book, she covers strategies and tips to help the reader be successful during their job search.

She has a particular interest in helping the demographics who most need her assistance.

“We have so many service members transitioning into civilian life, and they're not exactly sure how to translate their military experience into a civilian job. Also, just from a few presentations that I've done in high schools, I’ve seen that some students don't even know how to shake hands. I just want them to be prepared to show their best selves to others.”

Hemingway came to PTAC SC to learn about government contracting – which could assist her in growing her business opportunities.

“I wanted to learn the government contracting process – how to look at bids, learn what bids would be appropriate for my business to go after. Being a subcontractor will give me experience and show the prime contractor that I am confident, competent and capable of doing this job.”

She says that working with PTAC SC has helped her tremendously.

"Oh, it's been great so far. I usually meet with my PTAC counselor every other week. He gives me homework and that’s helpful because I’m learning the do's and don'ts of contracting. I’ve also learned how to present myself on paper, how to look at the announcements and see which ones would fit my company, so PTAC has been very helpful. I can't thank you all enough for you know the services you provide.”

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